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Retreat/Workshop Information

Retreat/Workshop Information
In Depth Training in all aspects of Traditional Thai Yoga “Ruesi Dat Ton” the Holistic Health Care System of Thailand.
MAY 28 - JUNE 1 2020

This class is for Yoga Teachers & Students, Thai Bodyworkers and any one interested in this ancient, rarely taught branch of Yoga. Traditional Thai Yoga: "Ruesi Dat Ton" (translation: Yogi or Hermit Self Stretching) grew from the same roots as our more familiar Indian Yoga, however it has not been shared in any significant way with the west, thus keeping the system preserved in a pure, authentic form. Through studying Thailand’s unique, unaltered system of Yoga or “Ruesi Dat Ton” we can examine and get a feeling for the roots of Indian Yoga, deepening our understanding of the teachings of the Ancient Masters. The Ancient Ruesis or Yogis, used these self care techniques to create harmony and insight into their own bodies, minds & spirits and then began to practice these techniques on others, forming the basis of Thai Bodywork. Essential for anyone practicing Thai Bodywork, examination of RDT directly connects us to the intention and application our work and is truly the root of our practice. We will learn practical self care methods for preserving our own wellness, strength and function as care givers and practitioners. Ruesi Dat Ton also feels great, is super fun and useful to any body.

Techniques & Topics Include: Full Body Self Massage (truly nourishing self care), Full Body Joint Mobilization (increase & maintain pain free movement), Breathing Exercises and Mantra, Basic & Advanced Exercises and Postures: prone, supine, seated, standing, & balancing (there is a lot of movement in this class), and lovely multi-media presentations of Traditional Yoga Asana common to Indian, Nepali, Tibetan, and Thai Yoga & Tantric and Goddess Temples in Eastern and Southern India.

SAVE YOUR SPOT: Tuition is $680. We are offering an Early bird rate $600 for the first 10 sign-ups. Venmo me at @Jennifer-Vanderburg829 or


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Alameda's was amazing as always!

Alameda's was amazing as always! We love the R&R and appreciate all your special touches to our experience here. April 2015 M & K

Thank you so much. It is a wonderful place to stay, so cozy and warm in the cabins. I hope to live in a place like this someday.

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