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Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat
Hot Springs, Montana

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Best experience
Heavenly as always
Warmness, inviting, relaxing
Thanks so much for the stay!
Peaceful Getaways
So Great! Thank you!
We will be back!
Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope to live in a place like this someday

Thanks so much for the stay!
Thanks so much for the stay! I really enjoyed it, also I really like how there's this cool hallway and awesome HUGE geodome! This hotel is the best I've been in in years, my parents have already been here and they said they loved it too! Thank you so much!
Thank you for your sweet hospitality. We enjoyed the water, bikes, garden, and certainly the massage.
We've been on vacation for about 2 weeks.
Thank you for bringing Big Medicine back to Hot Springs.
Thanks so much - lovely place

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Thank you for a wonderful stay in this magical place....

Thank you for a wonderful stay in this magical place that time has forgotten.
We will see you again!

..... October 2011 R & J

We had an absolutely delightful time here at Alameda's! Second time staying here, we will definitely be returning. Wish we didn't have to leave on such a beautiful morning...but the coffee will really help with that. I'm not sure what it is, but it sure does taste just pleasant. Thank you so much! April 2015 ~ A & J

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Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat • 308 N. Spring Street • Hot Springs, MT 59845 • 406-741-2283