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Last Update: Tue, Apr 23, 9:38 PM
Partly CloudyMissoula, MT
Sky: partly cloudy
Wind: ENE 6 MPH
Visibility: 10 miles
Pressure: 30.11 in.
Temp: 43°F
Humidity: 70%
Dewpoint: 34°F

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Fri Mar 22 at Symes Hotel - KEITH HARDEN- Folk & Classical Originals
Sat Nov 17 at Symes Hotel - Good Old Fashion - Bluegrass
Sat Nov 17 at Symes Hotel - Good Old Fashion - Bluegrass
We loved it here!
Celebrating 70!

A Street Cafe
Announcing Hot Springs Newest Restaurant!

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Sat May 4 at Symes Hotel JERRY FLETCHER Piano Man
Fri May 3 at Symes Hotel SHILOH RISING Progressive-Folk
Sat April 27at Symes Hotel - THE CHORDUROYS-Variety
Fri April 26 at Symes Hotel - CATBOY MOON Blues & Rock
Sun April 21st at Symes Hotel EASTER BRUNCH & EGG HUNT Betty Lou Cannon, Keyboard & Flute - Egg Hunt starts at noon
Sat April 20 at Symes Hotel - GOOD OLD FASHION-Bluegrass
Fri April 19 at Symes Hotel - LUKE LAUTARET PROJECT-Audience Favorites

Fall in Hot Springs
Fall is a great time to explore!

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Bret Harte
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Washington Irving
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Spring in Hot Springs
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Summer in Hot Springs
Summertime around Hot Springs Montana

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Heavenly as always
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Thanks so much for the stay!
Peaceful Getaways
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We will be back!

The Town of Hot Springs
The History of Hot Springs, Montana

The Water
The Waters of Alameda's and Hot Springs, Montana

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Alamedas Hot Springs Retreat

Winter in Hot Springs
Winter & Hot Springs go together!


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